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The David in U.

When I say the David in ‘U’, I don’t mean letter U, but I mean you. In every man, there is a David. Shortly I will explain what I mean by David, hopefully David is not your friend or family. I want to remind you of the popular story about a young chap known as David, you heard about David and goliath, haven’t you? Let me bring you into His story if you have forgotten, and from His story, I will be extracting some inspirational and motivational points.

Last doesn’t mean last: The last in position doesn’t mean last in opportunity: David was the last guy in his family. Probably, he might have been written off, has some of you are. I will like you to keep reading till the end of this write-up so that you can fill your cup of motivation till it over flows. David is always sent into the bush and may be lonely all day, with the rams and goats. Do you feel neglected? Or it looks as if the whole world is against you, keep reading and see the David in u. What I will like to point out, is that in all this rejection, David never complain, he was doing his work rightly …Whatever you find doing, do them real good. At the end, your commitment will pay off and you will see the David in U.

Killing the bear: even though David is always in the bush with the goats, He used this opportunity to learn skills in killing intruding wild animal; in all your endeavor, take good use of your present position. David later did so many great things which I will be talking about later, but the points I want you to understand here is, Rome was not made in a day. An ocean is formed from drop of waters. Journey of a mile starts with the first step, so whatever you hand find doing, do them real good. Live everyday like the only opportunity you have. David never knew the skill in the bush and wilderness (Bushy skills) will pay off later in the future, but he kept doing and learning the skills. Learn and grow, you don’t know when the opportunity to use the skill will come, just keep doing it

Use the opportunity; this was another thing to learn from David, the main opportunity to go out of the bush, to give His brother food, he took it. He never complain, but did it. Whatever we found ourselves doing, complain not, and do them with joy. Bigger opportunities are successors of smaller one. If you take the smaller opportunity, you expose yourself to a bigger one, that is what we call experience. Opportunities are experience, those that take them, have a long list opportunity CV.

Fight the fight: Life is a two way traffic, it is either you fight the fight or you flight the fight. Whatever your choice is, has a reward. If you run from all challenges, when do you want to have a testimony and share your victory experience? Only those that stay to fight the fight, gives the full account of the fight. You can’t have a first class news if you were not there. Going back to David story, David saw Goliath as an opportunity to rule, to become a great and respected warrior, whereas many of his brothers and others in the war front, saw death in fighting Goliath. What do you see about life? Whatever we see in life is what we experience. If all what you see about life, about yourself, about your future is failure, then you can’t do much to improve, except you change what you see. The only escape to your bad situation is to believe in yourself. Move forward and say “Yes! I can” 99.9999999999999999999999% of what we think is hard, is actually possible, if we put our mind to do it. The remaining % is little. If we run away from opportunities or if we see opportunities as killing, when the reward of opportunities come, we will not be found worthy for the prize.

Kill the beast: What is your beast? Fear, timidity? Name it. Whatever it might be, you can overcome it, as long as you can take the step. Pick the stone of faith like David, Speak the word of courage like David, take the move of a winner like David and see your faith, believe and move paying off with a great reward. Take the stones of faith, take the steps of a winner and take the move of a conqueror.

Cut the head: It is not enough to overcome your fear and limitation, you need to make sure you don’t get sink in the same mess of loss of confidence, fear, low self-esteem, loser and so on again. It is not about winning once, but about how to keep winning. Keep fighting: it is not over until it is over, keep the fight going. David kept fighting after winning goliath, and that is where the great song about him killing ten thousands came from. If he stayed on goliath, he will only have a testimony of one man. Because he didn’t stop, he had a bigger testimony. Don’t stop, keep moving. See the David in you. Learn it, nurture it. Take your opportunities to another level, don’t stop when you arrive, keep moving until you break the record. I believe in you if nobody does.

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