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Asian-scholarship question 1: When can I apply for scholarships, before or after admission?

Asian-scholarship Answer 1:  This is debateable, and depend on the organisations. Some organisation gives scholarships only to those on admission. Some scholarships are automatic with placement, while some scholarship does not require such. Check with the organisation you are applying to for funding.


Asian-scholarship question 2: I am a female student, can I get scholarship to fund my studies?

Asian-scholarship answer 2: Yes. Most organisation  and schools providing scholarships encourages females to apply and even they are given higher priority to the males.


Asian-scholarship question 3:  I am disabled, can I still get scholarship to fund my education?

Asian-scholarship answer 3:  Yes. Most organisation that gives scholarship encourages the disabled and prioritise them over the non-disabled.

Asian-scholarship question 4:  Are scholarship real?

Asian-scholarship answer 4:  yes 

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